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Equal Image Salon Hair Experts

Best Hair Care: Unlocking the Secrets to Luscious Locks

When it comes to caring for your natural hair, the perfect hair care regime must consist of two important things: protein and moisture. If you want your hair regime to work well in the long run then protein and moisture is something you must consider adding to the other things you are using.

Now let’s talk about hair care. The biggest misconception about hair care is that if one product suits a lot of women, then it will suit you as well. That’s not the case as you might be the ten percent population to whom the same products would do more harm than care. This is why we have compiled a hair care routine after asking the best hairstylists and owners of the best hair salons which will suit all types of hair.


  • First of all, you need shampoo which will suit the type of hair you want. One can ask a professional hairstylist if they are unsure about their natural hair. According to that one can look for a clarifying or moisturizing shampoo.
  • After shampooing one needs a conditioner. The best conditioner provides moisturizing which leaves your hair feeling soft, manageable and somewhat tangle-free. Conditioners can be leave-on, water-based or even washable depending on your hair and scalp.
  • Once or twice a week oil your hair. We understand that oiling your hair in these busy times can be hard to do. But even for fifteen minutes before showering or even before sleeping at night if you oil your hair, it can do wonders for your natural hair. To find out the best type of oil or a mixture of oil that will suit your hair ask your best hairstylist for advice.
  • Do not keep your hair open all the time. Especially during humid summers and tough winters. Instead, style your hair in some protective hairstyles such as a classy bun or a funky braid. Or if you do not know or do not have the time to do so, then on your way to a party or an event, one can visit an affordable hair salon nearby.
  • Lastly, use less heat on your hair. We are talking about hair dryers, straightness, and curling wands. Or if you have somewhat untamable hair or are always rushing to work and events and do not like stepping out with wet hair then use heat protection gels or sprays beforehand.

When it comes to natural hair one must take care of them and be careful about the products they are using as one wrong product can do a lot of harm. We hope that the advice we have compiled after discussing it with hair experts helps you to achieve a better hair care routine.

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