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If you want the best haircut it is essential to consider your face’s shape first. You can choose the best Hairdresser in Balmain, to give you the best hairdressing services and the prettiest new cut, but if it doesn’t flatter your face, it isn’t going to make you look your best. Your goal must be to select a style that suits the shape of your face instead of opting for the latest trend. Your face shape can change how certain hairstyles and cuts look on you.

Face shapes have broadly been divided into the following types:

  • Rectangle or Oblong

Very long and narrow bone structure

  • Oval

It is longer than it is wide.

The jaw is narrower than cheekbones.

  • Round

A wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones.

A similar length and width with prominent rounded cheeks.

  • Square

A wide hairline and jaw line

  • Heart or Diamond

Narrow chin and forehead.

Wide cheekbones.

The Best Haircuts for Any Face Shape

If your face shape is rectangle, circle, oval, round or square, the right haircut will frame and balance it, at the same time bringing out your best features. Read on to find out the best haircuts according to your face shape.

Best Haircuts for Rectangle or Oblong Faces

The best haircut for a rectangle face should work to soften the appearance of the sharp jaw line and forehead. Avoid overly long hairstyles which will further elongate the face like square styles and blunt-cut. Go for:

  • A soft layered cut
  • Blowout with waves or curls
  • Soft rounded Fringes
  • Curtain bangs

Best Haircuts for Oval Faces

Because of the well-balanced features, oval faces can carry a wide variety of hairstyles. Avoid hairstyles that drag down your face. Use your natural hair part to guide your hairstyle choices. Go for:

  • Cute, short crop
  • A blunt bob with layers or lob with subtle layers
  • Long hair with waves or curls

Best Haircut for Round Faces

The most flattering haircuts for ladies with a round face are the ones that add definition and shape to their features. Avoid bobs, single-length cuts with short layers and full curls which will maximize the roundness. Go for:

  • Long layered cuts
  • Choppy pixie cuts
  • Side fringe

Best Haircut for Square Faces

Select a haircut that softens your features for a pretty appearance. Opt for a look that complements your bone structure and disguises the sharp angles of your face. Avoid haircuts that draw attention to your cheekbones instead of your jaw line. Go for

  • Side-parted haircut
  • Long and airy layers
  • A short layered bob
  • Side-swept bangs

Best Haircut for Heart or Diamond Faces

Aim to balance your face shape by a haircut that decreases your brow width and increases the width of the lower part of your face. Go for:

  • A long side-swept cut Waves or curls starting below the ear.
  • A side-parted pixie cut
  • Bob or lob

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